If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

We are very happy that you decide to visit our knowledge library. We hope that you will find something for you that will help you in your work or to choose a future project. If you have any publication that you would like to share with the others, please write to us and send us the link or pdf file.

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Our publications:

WIDE NGO Tools for Project Management

WIDE NGO – Tools for Project Management


EUropeNET – Workshops’ Concept


Peers to Peers Newsletter

YE – Young Ambassadors of the Future

Stand up and Take Action Against Poverty and Social Exclusion

Wolontariat – szans─ů na aktywne obywatelstwo z Zjednoczonej Europie

Lets start our future today

SV – Mobility of Youth Workers in Erasmus+ Programme

EFM – a civic and voluntary link between communities

VOS – Volunteers Over Seas

Find yourself through EVS


P2P – Guidelines to Enhance the Quality of Work

YE – Young Ambassadors of the Future

EVS Miejscem roswoju, przedsi─Öbiorczo┼Ťc, aktywno┼Ťci i przyja┼╝ni

IMES – International Mobility with European Spirit


Release your creativity through EVS

Sport & Theatre – Civic Youth – The future of Europe

Tysi─ůce dr├│g a jeden duch spo┼éecze┼ästwa obywatelskiego

European Partnerships – an active citizenship!

YE – ecoCitizens

YE – ecoCitizens

Break the habit and get it on the act

Wolontariat Europejski szans─ů dla m┼éodzie┼╝y

YE – ecoCitizens

Obywatele Europy Ściezkach wolontariatu

Our Partners Publications:








Team 4 Youth Association┬á– Romania

Games, Activities, Fun for everyone