• Use every chance to be educated
  • Develop yourself. defense of your rights depends on your education level
  • Education is a special tool to express ourselves as individuals
  • Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
  • Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

  • Education is an opportunity not to be just another brick in the hall
  • You can use education to find your voice, learn how to love yourself
  • Education is a good that no one can deprive us of

  • Legal sex education
  • Access to knowledge about venereal diseases
  • Teaching by a chilled teacher, not by a priest
  • Teaching about contraceptive and easy access to them
  • Access to knowledge about “bad touch”


  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Learn how to learn
  • Middle school longer
  • Less books in backpacks, more technology
  • Space to younger teachers, retirement for the older one
  • Study languages better
  • Read more
  • Travel to improve your culture and open your mind


  • Precarious teachers
  • Expansive books
  • Watch few films
  • Few physical activity
  • Lab practice
  • Old buildings
  • Teachers don’t help the students and their world


  • Education is the key to our future
  • Education should promote equality, break the stereotypes, abolish discrimination and strengthen critical thinking skills
  • Education should be free and accessible to everyone
  • Education is the path to freedom, it prevents manipulation and fanaticism
  • Education is power

  • To remove corruption from universities and colleges
  • Inter-subject lessons
  • Practice first
  • To provide all schools around including rural areas with equal technical equipment
  • To ensure reasonable balance between digital education tools and physical education
  • To implement international exchanges into school education (make it more global)
  • To rise number of creative subjects into school system (music, art, dance, design…)

  • We want to inform people about different aspects of education in order to expand their ideology on education
  • Education is the crucial tool to change the world
  • Education systems don’t offer to teachers and students the conditions they need
  • Education isn’t about getting a diploma, education is about knowledge, being informed
  • If you want the change to happen, start with you


  • Having mixed formal and non-formal education in schools
  • Government should invest money on teaching how to manage the feelings (psychologist)
  • Free education
  • As students, we have to learn how to learn
  • Giving more importance to practices

Manifesto done by the participants of “We don’t need no Education“,
a Youth Exchange that too place in October, 2019 in Poland.

Participant countries:

Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Kosovo and Ukraine.