If you are a Youth Worker working in the field of education and training – we have a great opportunity for you!

In May 2015, together with partner organizations from the UK (CCW), France (ADICE & SophieDelebarre Conseil) and Italy (CESIE), Europejskie Forum Młodzieży (EFM) started cooperating in the building of an on-line training platform called E2MP – available for everyone interested in expanding their own knowledge of European mobility and project management!

Our Strategic Partnership project “European Mobility Project Management Platform” co-funded by European Union – Erasmus+ Programme is aimed at developing tools and methods to train youth workers in the management of European mobility projects for young people, especially youngsters with fewer opportunities.

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To support young people in all aspects of mobility project management, it is absolutely necessary that the Youth workers recieve good training and learn new, effective methods through a High Quality Training of Mobility Project Management. Through E2MP project, we created new and innovative tools such as an online platform with guides, methods and practices to train Youth Workers in the European mobility project management.

One of the strengths of this strategic partnership is the exchange of knowledge between very experienced partners, working for many years in the field of youth.
In order to achieve better results and have a consistent view of the project, during these two years the partners had the chance to meet and discuss on five different occasions. 

The launch and the final meeting took place in France (Roubaix) in May, 2015 and January, 2017.

Partners met also in Cardiff on 10th and 11th of September 2015. During the meeting all partners presented course content developed during the last months of the project. The meeting helped us to establish division for the training session. All content that we worked before, during and after Cardiff meeting is now available on the online platform which aims to help youth workers, educators and project managers to develop their knowladge of European Programmes.

In January 2016, Europejskie Forum Młodzieży hosted the 3rd partners meeting where all partners had the chance to discuss about the modules that each one had prepared for the online platform. The insights of every partner allowed a better improvement towards our final aim.

In May, 2016 was the time for meeting in Palermo, Italy. CESIE hosted all partners in order to evaluate and define the final lines of the online platform. In this meeting we had also the chance to share some ideas with some Youth Workers that were at the moment in Palermo, allowing us to have already a better insight of the usage of the platform.

In the last 28th of May, the platform was presented by EFM team in Lower Silesia Region, to a group of young people, youth workers and teachers, potential future users of the platform.

During the dissemination meeting, Europejskie Forum Młodzieży also presented Erasmus+ Programme and spoke about till what extend E2MP platform is fullfiling the needs of youngsters and project managers.

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