EFM’s new youth exchange “Dystopiality” has officially kicked off!
Between Thursday and Friday (8 and 9 of September 2022) the partners for the project met in Bystrzyca Kłodzka (and some online) to prepare the activities, accommodation place, discuss safety measures and administrative procedures, among others.

On the 3rd week of October 2022, 35 youngsters (16-20 years old) will come to our region to share opinions on the society we are living in, discuss issues and dangers of a too much (or is it?!) digital world and the systems around us that make us compete more than support, be inclusive and take care of the others and ourselves (then again, is it?!)

„Dystopiality” is a project coordinated by Europejskie Forum Młodzieży, in a partnership with Kosovo organisation GAIA, Portugal „Experimentaculo”, Italy „LINK APS”, Spain „Ayuntamiento de Murcia”, Armenia „Future in Our Hands” and Georgia „Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi”, and co-funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union.

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