Hello Everyone!
I have been a part of the EFM team since 2004. I was just 18 when I started working for EFM when I was also studying in the Higher School of Management for Tourism and Recreation. During this time I had the opportunity to get a rich experience in implementing different projects under the “Youth”, “Youth in Action”, “Amicus”, “Grundtvig” and “Erasmus+” Programmes.
Currently I am the Vice-president of EFM and a project coordinator for youth exchanges, VET and EVS projects under the “Erasmus+” Programmes as well as for “YouthMaSter” seminar projects directed at youngsters from all parts of Poland.
Thanks to my work I have a unique opportunity to act in the field of youth work, especially youngsters from our region giving them different opportunities to become active citizens of Europe. Seeing them change after participating in our activities motivates me to keep doing more for local Polish youth.
I am also interested in creating different publications connected with our various projects as well as editing the ‘EFM News’ magazine together with EVS volunteers. I also get to support our volunteers by supporting them with language learning and personal development.
I consider my work to be exceptional!

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