Olá! 🙂
My name is Ana Catarina and I’m a loud and laughing Portuguese who loves coffee and books, among many random things and People!
I came to Poland as a volunteer on February 2017, to a six month EVS project and… I stayed!
I studied languages and international relations at UTAD, and, before Poland, I’ve worked as private tutor for youngsters after school as well as a waitress at my parent’s cafe.
I always wanted to do voluntary service, and that’s how EFM entered my life, giving me some of the greatest experiences and memories!
In the team, other than taking care of Cris and Marzena (eheh) I also work as trainer, write projects, mentor volunteers, and volunteer myself to whatever needs to be done. I’ve met countless youngsters through our educational program YouthMaSter, and trough European projects, and I like to think that being able to contribute, even if the tiniest bit, for their learning and growing path is the best part of this all we do!
Education is the start and the star of everything and it moves me the privilege of working with it!






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