Seminars, Training Courses, Study Visits, Job Shadowing…


Youth workers, regardless of their age, can develop their skills by taking part in the following activities: seminars, international training, meetings, study visits and internships (job shadowing’s) in an international organisation.
Seminars and trainings are aimed at:
supporting international cooperation between the organisations working with the  youngsters
supporting activities related to non-formal education in the field of training, education and youth work
providing high quality projects,seminars and workshops


Seminars and Trainings

Seminars and trainings are dedicated to people without any working experience in the field of youth as well as for the people who have already worked in this sector.


Study Visits

Study visits create meetings between youth workers, which focus on familiarising participants with the characteristics of youth work in the organization or institution in the country visited.

Job Shadowing

Internships (job shadowing’s) are short–term placements in foreign partner organizations, aimed at sharing ethical practices,  an exchange of experiences and learning new ways of working with youth  workers.
Internships  (job shadowing’s) are aimed at:

  • improving the quality of the organization’s work
  • improving the youth worker’s professional skills
  • development of both institutions involved

For those interested in gaining professional experience, please see our available training posts below.
Bellow you can find some links to the examples of what we’ve been doing regarding International Mobility.



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