EVS – European Voluntary Service

General Information


What is European Voluntary Service (EVS)?

The European Voluntary Service is an action of “Erasmus +” Programme, financed by the European Union, which between 2007-2013 was part of the “Youth in Action” Programme.
EVS helps young people to acquire skills and abilities that affect their personal and professional development through the experience of non-formal education.
The aim of European Voluntary Service is to promote tolerance and active European citizenship, to enable the participants to do social work abroad, acquire new skills, as well as to develop already existing ones, improving language competencies and experience intercultural integration.

An EVS project involves four parties: the volunteer, and the coordinating, receiving and sending organizations.
The EVS project can be implemented in the Programme countries (all EU countries plus Turkey, Liechtenstein and Norway), in the countries neighbouring the EU (such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine ), or in the “other partner countries in the world”, for example Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia or Oceania.
It is only required that the receiving OR sending organization belongs to the Programme countries.

For who? 

The EVS volunteer can be anyone, regardless of the level of education, qualifications or skills … But there is one important criterion – your AGE. To go to another country with the European Voluntary Service you have to be at least 18 years of age no later than the first day of your EVS project and no older than 30.

For how long?

Usually, the EVS project lasts from 2 to 12 months – this is referred to as long-term volunteering. In special cases, an EVS activity can be even shorter and last from 2 weeks to 2 months – this type of volunteering is called short-term.

Financial Support

All essential costs related to your EVS project are covered. You will be provided with accommodation, food, insurance, monthly pocket money and any local transport that you take for project-related activities. The costs of the international travel are covered up according to the flat rates designated by the distance calculator from the European Commission.

What do you get as a EVS volunteer?

  • Flight or bus tickets to the receiving country
  • Accommodation
  • Food money
  • Pocket money
  • Local transportation connected with project activities
  • Insurance
  • Language lessons from the receiving country
  • Pre-departure training
  • On-arrival training in receiving country
  • Mentor support for the duration of your project
  • Youthpass Certificate
  • An unforgettable experience 🙂

How to apply?

If you would like to apply for the European Voluntary Service, the first step that you have to take is to find an accredited sending organization under the Erasmus+ programme and contact the project coordinator.
The project coordinator will help you in choosing your future project as well as help you to arrange all the necessary formalities.


  • For European Voluntary Service you cannot send yourself
  • You have to always cooperate with the sending organization
  • The application procedures are different according to different sending and receiving organizations. Before you apply for the project please check all information

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