,,Life comes a full circle”

I believe this quote applies to me a lot. I came as a volunteer for a project at EFM, and now I work at the same organization. 
I have a Masters Degree in Communication and Journalism, and my passions include cooking, writing and motorcycles. Here at EFM, I work as a trainer at YouthMaSter, an English non-formal education camp for middle and high school students. I really like interacting with people. I’m also a mentor for short term volunteers. I’ve had the chance to meet and work with some amazing people and to learn from them.
I was surprised to find that some things are similar between my country, India, and Poland. For example, the people are very friendly and the architecture is magnificent. And yes, it was difficult to adapt to the extreme cold, but I’m still here! Even though it’s been three years, I feel the journey has just begun, and there is no dull day, whether its the office or at a seminar.
The next adventure is just round the corner.